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Import of multi-enum values

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  • Import of multi-enum values

    Which settings do I have to make during an import if multi-enum fields are involved?

    I have a contact in the system. This has the value A in a multi-enum field called 'Topics'.

    Now I would like to import a value B to the same multi-enum field for the same contact.

    After the import by update, both values ​​should be in the field, value A and value B.

    For me, however, nothing is changed. No B value is added either.

    I then tried to add the value B for this one contact via the multi-enum field by selecting the contact in the list view and then using Actios Mass Updates. In doing so, value A is overwritten by value B.

    So how do I get it, either via import or via mass update, that I can add further values ​​to existing values ​​in this multi-enum field?


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    best way to work import out if to do an export to CSV so you can see field names and formats.

    I think multi enum is ["value1", "value2"]
    but if you export your data you will see exactly what you need to do.

    If you want to add values i think you are going to have to export the current ones and then update the structure in the CSV with the extra value. (excel formula is probably best)


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      Thanks. I was already familiar with the field values ​​['value1', 'value2']. But that wasn't my question either.

      My question was whether I can only add the value 'Value2' via an import via an Excel / CSV, for example. The value 'Value1' is already in the field.

      If I have to export the contacts with the existing values ​​each time and then add another value in the column in Excel, then that is quite complicated.

      Could this be done with the Advanced Pack expansion?