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  • Processes inside detail view


    We use BPM flows for new contacts created. It works FANTASTIC and we can see in which step of a process a specific contact it's (using the Processes module).

    However, there are no widgets or panels we can add to the Contact's detail view to know the processes the contact has been (or is currently active). We need to navigate to Processes, search the contact and view the details of the process.

    I have been searching all the Layout tabs but haven't found a way to add this information to the Contact's detail view.

    Is there any way to do it?


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    Nice question...
    I think no exist.. but you can maybe a "feature request"
    the difficult i think, i have say some flow who are very big.. so how can put this on a "panel" on detail view ?
    maybe like a dashlet for BPM Flow


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      If processes are linked to entities through parent-child relation, you can create panel with linked processes by yourself
      I'll try to show this on another example, with attachments. Give me som time, i'll record video about this.


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        Hi item and emillod,
        Thanks for your messages.

        It would be great to have a bottom panel or side panel with the name of the flowchart, status (started, ended), and created date.

        That way, we can know at the Contact's "profile" (detail view) all the automations (BPM) he has been.

        emillod please let us know if you can make it