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History should contain only parent mails

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  • History should contain only parent mails


    I'm an EspoCRM-Newbie, therefore my question may be a little bit stupid, but I didn't find a solution.

    In standard, when I have my mail account connected and I create a new contact, all e-mails from this contact (meaning: all e-mails with the e-mail-adress of this user as sender or cc) are shown under "history" (detail view contact).
    Even another user who has the according rights automatically sees all these mails (from my mail account).

    What I would like to have:
    - I connect my mail account. => No mails are shown under "history"
    - I open a mail and assign a contact as parent => This (and only this) mail is shown under "history". Any other user, who can see the contact can see this mail.

    How can I achieve this?

    Thanks in advance!


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    Fortunately our user is small so this isn't something I do not have to worry about, unfortunately I can be little of helps to your question.

    Welcome to the forum, etc, etc. Here is my plugins of some thread that you might find helpful:

    As for your question, I think it may be possible to solve this using Role, Permissions and Team under Email. Doing a quick check I can see these setting for Email under
    Admin > Roles

    Emails ---- Read ---

    Set it to "Own" or maybe "Team" might prevent other user from seeing your email? That would be my guess.