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How to translate entity name in navbar

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  • How to translate entity name in navbar

    Hi guys,

    since a week I am on the onboarding phase for EscpoCRM....investing 8 hours per day and yes for sure there are some pain points, nevertheless I love it so far. :-)
    My next learning milestone is to understand how to translate the (custom) entity name in the navbar - not for a totally new language, but for an existing one e.g. german.
    The default entites seem to be correctly translated.

    Trying to find out any documentation and searching inside the forum only ended up in this result:
    How could I translate the entity name of a custom entity? I tried: language\translate('customEntityName','scopeNames','Global') ; but that did not work.

    I've also found navbar.js under client\src\views\site\navbar.js and tried to understand where to hook in with custom code.
    Before doing to much trial & error, any idea how to translate the entity name using users language preferences ( not the system language ) ?

    It should be not an exotic question as most of us would need translation for custom entities and the default ones appear correctly translated.
    Thank you all in advance!

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    Go to Administration > Label Manager > Global > search for scopeNamesPlural

    Make sure to select the target language from the top
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      Oh, although I've searched across all stuff in label manager, that was hard to find :-) .. tskler Eymen

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      You are welcome