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Converting Multiple Leads to the same Account (Company)

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  • Converting Multiple Leads to the same Account (Company)

    I have created an external form that once is filled, creates a Lead (Lead Capture) with information divided into 2 parts: some information is personal about the lead (name, address...) and the other portion of data is about where they work (company's address, name, their position in it...).

    Once I Convert the lead, I check both 'Account' and 'Contact' where the personal information goes to 'Contact' (and creates a contact) while the professional information goes to 'Account' and creates a company.

    However, given that many employees work in the same organization, I don't want to create multiple records of the same company (Account) when I check 'Account' after clicking 'Convert' on the Lead.

    For example, I have a Lead 'A' who works at Company 'X' as a Developer, and I also have another Lead 'B' who also works at company 'X' as an Accountant. When I convert both leads, can I create only one company (Account) 'X' that has all it's employees listed under it as Contacts with their positions??

    Thank you in advance for any assistance.

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    There's no such ability.


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      Originally posted by yuri View Post
      There's no such ability.
      I cannot avoid creating duplicate Accounts in the Accounts Entity?


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        I just don't create an account when convert a second lead. After conversion, on the contact detail view I link that contact to an existing account.