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    Hi all!

    I'm not (yet) using EspoCRM .. I am still in process of evaluating this tool and still have some questions on general features which I couldn't find answers for in the documentation or the forum, but maybe I just didn't look hard enough.

    1) To what extent can the appearance of a portal be adapted to a client's corporate identity according to their specifications? What are the limits and what cannot be adapted?

    2) Internationalization: It is not entirely clear whether all elements - including the self-created entities - are fully translatable. The goal is a multilingual customer portal where the user is able to switch the language and not only gets a translated UI but also translated content (e.g. knowledge base articles).

    Thank you for your time!

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    Hello, you can adapt the template by coding. By GUI you can change the logo. The user emillod provides an adapted template with another look, which you can find here:, dark version here:
    And there is a heavily tweaked app on basis of espoCRM:
    ​​​​​​​Everything is possible to get translated. General terms are already translated by default, terms of your entities you can translate in the administrator area.


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      > knowledge base articles

      You would need to create multiple version of this article, not unless you want to create duplicate field, perhaps that is a good idea also, then you can use an API or something to machine translate.

      These theme are more of colorings, if you truly want to "corporate identity" then I think you can also change the layout looks to however you like it to be but the theme will only serve as an example, you would like to explore the layout yourself.

      Originally posted by shalmaxb View Post
      And there is a heavily tweaked app on basis of espoCRM:
      Surprise you found out this, I had a look at the Demo, it does not look like EspoCRM at all.

      Looking through it and it look quite good, there seem to be quite many custom coding if not entirely different. Going to add this to the 'wiki' for now.
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