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  • Portal roles access rights

    Hello all together,

    first of all: Thanks for contributing to such a great application, I really love it.

    However, I might have a special problem.

    I've built a "music label management system" based on EspoCRM. This is nothing special, I just created the entities Artist, Track and Album and linked them to each other.

    What I'd like to do now is to build a portal where the artists can edit certain fields in their artist "profile" (entity) and where they can access release information for their tracks.

    Reguarding the access to the information everything works fine, but the edit permissions are a little bit tricky.

    Since an Artist is a new entity and works as a parent for contacts, the access level "contact" does not work for edit permissions. Strangely enough, this enables the portal user to edit all Artists, including those the user has no access rights to. Furthermore, a Contact cannot be the parent for an Artist, because there are DJ duos, where two Contacts are related to an Artist.

    The "account" level does not work either because the Artist and the Contact are not related to a single account. I could migrate the Artists to the Account entity, but I'd like to have the possibility to run EspoCRM as CRM, too, so I need the Account for it's original purpose.

    Are there any ideas how to fix that?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Ok, I have some strange news for this topic. I was able to implement my requirement by giving the artists only reading access to their corresponding Artist profile. That worked. However, the edit permission didn't work as expected. Maybe this is a bug?


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      If it reproducible on the demo then it would be a bug.

      I suggest to play with a few setting and see what it limitation is, there is also the documentation if not you aware of that that help help explain a few thing further

      There is also an unofficial "wiki" contain various thread that may help you, unfortunately there isn't many topic on Permission.

      Also I'm not much of help as I don't use this function enough to provide any feedback, hopefully this bump will help.


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        Hello eric - i'll try to help you.
        what type of relation you choose between contacts and artists? Also could you show us a screenshot from portal user role?