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Using integromat with espocrm

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  • Using integromat with espocrm

    Hi all.

    Integromat has several modules to integrate espocrm. They are pretty complete and manage email, calls, contacts, meetings, tasks, cases, leads, accounts and opportunities. Yhey can update, get, delete and create on all those entities.

    You can find them here:

    And the usage could be free for less than 1000 operations/month

    I have used them jus to test them and have been able to add and get contacts pretty easily.

    For the custom entities the have the module Make an API Call that is intended for performing an arbitrary authorized API call.

    Has anyone used the integromat module Make an API Call?

    I have tried and not able to execute the calls to the API. I appreciatte if anyone has used it and may share their experience.

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    Just saw that there is a blog entry explaining the integration

    Running business operations in siloed apps that do not communicate with one another is highly inefficient and can be detrimental to a company. Inconsistent and incomplete data may slow down workflows, cause mistakes, and lead to weaker business performance.