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    Good Afternoon Friends!

    I'm currently using Espo for my drive thru restaurant and need to average out our drive thru order processing times. Currently I have a field call order prep time. Its formatted like this. 00:02:31

    How can I convert this time to seconds only using formula?

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    Hello. Yes, it sounds like Formula can help you here. But you also need an additional field (integer type) to store the restaurant service duration in seconds.


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      In one of the video tutorial by emillod I see he have a button call "Start Timer". I think there is probably an extension that can do "automated billing timer"... maybe you can use that? And ask if it can be calculate in second only and I think he can probably update for that.

      Dunno, I pinged him so maybe he can do sale pitch


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        Yeah, we have extension which called Time Tracker, but if dodom2 already created such functionality then there is no need to buy extension
        If you can't find propper formula, then you can always create your own formula based on PHP script. Here you have documentation:

        You can check our example of custom formula in our ext:

        It's possible that there is already formula which will help you. Unfortunatelly i'm a guy which preffer hooks instead of formulas