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placeholders in email template for a bpmn "Send Message Task"

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  • placeholders in email template for a bpmn "Send Message Task"

    I googled around and checked documentation but didn't find a way to use placeholders in a email template for a bpmn "Send Message Task".
    How could I access process' target entity attributes or variables in a email subject or body? All placeholders I tried are not replaced ...

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    You can put in variable email address and use it in send message task action for example in email field. It's not a problem.


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      Thanks Emil, that's what I also found out now. Process variables (references using double $ like in script tasks) seem to be the only thing I could reach, so I need a way to put everything I want to reference in a email template into variables withing a script task. That's quite a limitation for EspoCRM BPMN "send message task" and not not obvious from the BPMN examples since they don't contain the email templates. No one said it would be easy ... ;-)
      So I'll try to find a solution how to catch and store BpmnUserTask attributes into BpmProcess variables discussed in my other thread


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        You can simply send email through userTask, but you have to create email template first and then use it in formula. Also as a target you have to point userTask.
        Here you have an example how to send an email, just add different variables.


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          I don't get your suggestion. There is no formula in a user task and no target in a script task.
          (removed my previous comment since this was the wrong thread)
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