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  • Editable Gridview?


    My users are adapting from Google Sheets! Of course, they are accustom to editing tabular data in a grid view.

    Does EspoCRM offer that, or an extension that does it?


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    I wish! I haven't found any CRM system that can do editing like it is from a Excel/spreadsheet where it is row by row type.

    No extension does it at the moment, there is some that may give the illusion of it though. As for the EspoCRM itself, I doubt it will ever be added.

    You would have to either keep using sheet and doing import/export and through API and webhooks to keep two system in sync, good thing about Google Sheets is it quite adaptable if you have the know how (unfortunately I dont but I read guide and tutorial briefly on it).

    Alternatively you can use a different style of "CRM" where it is design tabular such as Airtable, Seatable or similar type. Currently I'm looking forward to nocodb:


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      Hmmm did you tried to use WYSIWYG Editor? I believe there should be possible to just PASTE table from google sheets and use it. You could also try to implement just simple iframe with link to google sheets where user would be able to work on google sheet inside EspoCRM.


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        Hello GrokWhy ,

        I have just released an extension that does tabular editing, if you are still interested please check this post: