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BPM updates a record even when not updated ...

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  • BPM updates a record even when not updated ...

    Hi, I have a BPM that starts with a "Timer Start Event" and runs every night. This looks at all of the Contact records in my system, makes some decisions and changes just 1 or 2 records. The thing is, that every Contact record in the system has the modification time set, even if no update occurs.

    I have built the BPM carefully so that there are no "Update" tasks in the flow.

    The picture below shows the processing of a record, that had it's time re-set. Note that "Nothing1" and "Nothing2" have no content. "Set Internal; Flags" is just a "Execute Formula Script" that sets some $$ variables that are used later.

    Why is the modification date set?


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    Hi Mat,

    It seems that Execute formula script forces the record update. I will check this, but it can take some time, have a lot of work to be done.