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  • Authorization

    Someone could explain to me a little more how "authorization" works.

    I don't understand the difference between "Authorization Key Life (hours)" and "Maximum Authorization Key idle time (hours)"

    From the second I understand that it will not allow access from that IP address once the time of one hour has passed, for example of inactivity, am I correct?

    Tampoco entiendola diferencia entre Espo and LDAP

    I ask this because I need to determine how many concurrent users will be able to enter my CRM

    If anyone can give me an idea or some information about it, I will greatly appreciate it.

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    i try to respond :
    "I ask this because I need to determine how many concurrent users will be able to enter my CRM"

    There are no user limitation, a user is a record like account/contact. You can create user with no count limitation.
    The only limitation is the hardware for a big "crm with many data with big user count".

    You can use Espo+2FA for your User, this is the best choose for many people.. but on entreprise, LDAP is more easy because you use credential from a existing Directory. (Single-Sign-On)

    IP address can be "not correct" if you have a nginx reverse proxy.
    Active auth sessions. IP address and last access date.


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      But for example, if at a certain moment all the users enter at the same time, how many could this hold without problems, or there begin to be errors?


      • espcrm
        espcrm commented
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        Unknown, no one done stress test yet.

      • clara
        clara commented
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        Any approximate that there may be, 100 users, 20?
        Or any idea how to answer this question?

      • espcrm
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        We previously discuss it here:

        But no one really did a numbers, I have seen a few post here and there talking about 100-200 users range. There was a forum poster that used for school system and another use for Hospital/Healthcare.

        At end of the day I guess it just about hardware issue.

        As stated in my first post, my user is bare minimum so I don't really have this issue. Although I do host a few other website/system which can cause slowdown at time.