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Cannot Search/Find Inactive Users from a Regular User Role

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  • Cannot Search/Find Inactive Users from a Regular User Role

    I have set a User as Inactive because he left the company. But now, his boss is not able to see his employee Leads. The innactive user is not visible in searches, even when you select "All" in the modal right window for user search and selection. In other words "Active" and "All" options brings the same results for Regular Users who have accesss to "ALL" in the "Users" entity in their respective Roles. Only admin is able to see inactiv users. Is that behavior allright?

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    The only consecuence I saw in documentation is that an "inactive user" will not be able to log-in anymore. Nevertheless, it should be possible to be found his past activities for his boss, to be searchable and able to be found in filters. The re-asignment of Leads, Accousnts, Cases, etc. from "inactive users" to "active ones" should be rights to have for regular users, not only for admins. I suggest your team to consider this case of use.


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      I notice this is a bug report. Can't help you too much but I can provide a suggestion for a work-around that may work for you.

      (1) Change password to a new password.
      (2) Change the email so he can't use "Forget Password"
      (3) Create a new status field which you can use to filter for example "Inactive" "No Longer Employee".

      I think this method might help you with the "not able to see his employee Leads" issue.
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        You can extend /application/Espo/SelectManagers/User.php and modify function access in /custom/SelectManagers/User.php or modify original code (not recommended, working before first system update)
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          In 2023 this issue stays actual. Did somebody find a way how to make possible for regular users search content by inactive users?
          Change password and email is not an option imho.


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            Originally posted by dimyy View Post
            You can extend /application/Espo/SelectManagers/User.php and modify function access in /custom/SelectManagers/User.php
            Can you explain this a little bit more? In Espo documentation i see "Important: Deprecated as of v6.1.0. Use Select Builder instead.". How this can be adopted for Select Builder?