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  • Currency field sum

    I have several currency fields in a form. Now I would like to have a sum field, which shows all currency fields from the form calculated together. Which field type do I have to choose and what do I have to set?

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    Create the field any numeric type and write the desired formula in it.

    entity\sumRelated(LINK, FIELD, [FILTER])

    Sums related records by a specified FIELD with an optional FILTER.

    entity\sumRelated('opportunities', 'amountConverted', 'won')

    More detail about formula here:


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      Many Thanks. I have now understood that, see screenshots. I have 5 currency fields in my form. Therefore I wrote 5 script formulas in the corresponding entity. Now I still need an output field where the total of these 5 currency fields is displayed. What do I have to set in this currency field or solve with a script so that the total amount is displayed there?


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        I think perfect to use field "Description" where was display sum of all your field.

        For example:
        totalGiftsValue = entity\sumRelated('opportunity', 'opportunity.giftAmount');

        A similar question has already been met on the forum:
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          Thanks, but I don't understand exactly what to do. I don't want a sum of different projects, but a sum of a project with several parts. I have a project form, there are five currency fields listed. Then I created another currency field, in this field the amounts from the five fields mentioned above should automatically be output as a total. Perhaps the picture illustrates a little more precisely what I am imagining.


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            Why you don't use a reports?

            There is just the function you need.
            You can try to do by analogy.


            • RSGRG
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              Reports are only good for projects. But I have several project phases with individual prices per project and I want to show these as a total.

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            Are those 5 individual field with field name? You can just use a + sum formula if it is.


            • RSGRG
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              Yes, there are 5 individual fields (Amount, amount1, amount2, amount3, amount4). For these 5 fields I need a field with the total.

              How do I do that with the + sum formula?

            • espcrm
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              I believe it just something like this:
              For example


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            Thanks espcrm, it worked wonderfully. Thread can be closed.