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  • Share via email of account or lead

    Hi everyone, can you please let me know if there is a way to share the account via email in a readable format ?

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    Don't quite understand the question.

    You want to send Account/Lead information through Email? Use Email Template

    Or did you want to share your email account with another person/login?


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      Thank you for an answer. Yes, former. I want to send account/Lead information through email.

      Can you please let me know the exact steps how to do that ?


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        Hi Ivan,

        You can read here:

        But now that I looked at that documents; it say very little. Not sure if you can see the "Email Template" menu or not or you can add this URL and create your first Email template: /#EmailTemplate

        For example:

        EspoCRM is an Open Source CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software that allows you to see, enter and evaluate all your company relationships regardless of the type. People, companies, projects or opportunities - all in an easy and intuitive interface. Try for Free.

        Creating Email Template is similar to PDF Template, slight difference though. Issue with Email template is also relationship, I don't think you can have multiple parent type without putting in work (code)

        Once you create it, then you can use the Template when you "Compose" an email, use the "Select Template" button/search box.


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          It seems we have a misunderstanding.

          I want to be able to:

          1. Select account
          2. Cilck send to email recipient
          3. Enter recipient's email
          4. Click send
          5. Account info is sent to recipient

          Final outcome is that the my designated recipient receives the account information in the email message, without me copying and pasting anything.

          Mind if I ask you why you mentioned email template ?

          I know how to use email template. Is the template going to contain the account info I want to share ?
          For example, Account XYZ info is: name X, telephone Y, email Z.

          I want this information (name X, telephone Y, email Z.) be sent via email after selecting the XYZ account.

          So how do I make Espo insert account info in the email message and send it to recipient of my choice ?


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            This is another way of saying what i want done:

            Share CRM Record Information With A Non CRM User


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              I supposed there is a misunderstanding but at the end of the day you would still have to use the Email Template.

              Currently it not possible to mass email like that (learn to create a button if you do button, not an easy task though). Fortunately there is a free extension call EspoPlus which allow you to do that "Select multiple record and email" information. Unfortunately it doesn't support Account, only Contact at the moment.

              From the sound it is, you want a mix of Account of information, I doubt that possible out of the box when I think about it. You can't have this scenario: name X, telephone Y, email Z.
              However it is possible to have this scenario: name X Y Z, telephone X Y Z (primary only I think), email X Y Z (primary only).

              As email template purpose to pull out the information you want through the designated "template", e.g. you can have one template call "Phone Only" and it will only have Phone numbers in the email. or "Account Address and Name and Phone and Email and etc", or any other variation of information you want to put in the email.

              So you use Email Template or follow that documents and click that "+" button to do it manually.

              You probably have to get a developer to develop these function for you, or consider thinking of a work-around method. I don't think of any of the Paid extension can do what you want though, I don't have it.


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                The selected users will now receive an email like the one shown below. They can click the View Lead Detail link to navigate to the Lead Details page in LeadSquared. Note that only users with permissions to view the lead will be able to see the lead details page.
       admin login for your wifi router can be done here. Check default username, password, ip, restore, reset router if not working.