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  • help about my project

    hi i choose Espocrm for this project can all the features of espocrm meet all the requirements? thanks in advance


    Independent Log-in and interface for different types of users.

    1. Admin
    a. Individual log-in for each admin person
    b. Calendar set-up
    c. Ability to assign specific client to a specific event to view report
    d. View all forms submitted by staff.
    e. Approve forms
    f. Schedule events to specific person
    g. Email notification once event is scheduled
    h. Edit capabilities
    i. Allow and restrict access of staff and customer

    2. Staff (demo rep)
    a. Individual log-in with personal email
    b. Access to specific point and details on calendar (assigned event)
    c. Input data on form live on web for each event assigned to
    d. Upload photos per event
    e. View available unassigned events

    3. Vendor
    a. Individual sign-in
    b. Capability to view approved reports by admin for specific event they are allowed access
    to by admin
    c. Request button for event with area to fill in details for request

    4. Client
    a. Individual sign-in
    b. Capability to view approved reports by admin for all vendors they have under them

    1. Advanced Search Capabilities – By date, by vendor, by location, by client
    2. Calendar Function – showing calendar of assigned duties/activities per user
    3. Excel Extract – of Demo/Event Lists
    4. Downloadable Content – for Reports

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    b)there is a calendar
    c)you can assign attendees to meetings and calls, and tasks can have a parent account, you can customize this further in the entity and layout manager pages, I'm unsure what you are looking for in regards to reports, are you asking if you can assign a client to an event then the client can view a report on the event?
    e)this is possible, you can have everything default to admin user's accounts and then have the admin re assign the ___ blank to the appropriate person

    c)yes a staff user could add data to a form attached to an even the staff user is assigned to
    e)yes just adjust the role permissions

    b)you can set it up so that a vendor can only view what is assigned to them I do not know if you can be as specific is as to only allow them to view only specific reports on that event...
    c)this is possible to do with either the entity and layout manager or through the code depending on how you want it to look

    b)I'm unsure about report level permission I know it is possible to alter event(task call etc.) level permission to allwo for this

    1. yes
    2. yes
    3. you can export csv files which can be used in excel
    4. unsure

    best of luck! Espo is a great crm with lots of power, even without altering the code. I hope it works for you


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      thank you sir