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Proxmox and EspoCRM

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  • Proxmox and EspoCRM

    because a big provider have fire in datacenter ( recently, all data have loose for many people/society.
    i have decided to make a backup at home ours espoCRM

    my solution, is a dell optiflex 3040 i5 with 8gb.. i have changed hdd to ssd
    i installed "proxmox" .. (download proxmox iso, make a bootable usb.. boot and install)
    after that, in shell,
    some apt update ... apt upgrade ..
    pveam update
    pveam available

    and magic, .. a template of espoCRM..
    create a container (CT in proxmox word) .. give some info .. and it's all.

    and in 10min after, you have a 6.1.x working solution of espocrm
    with all power of vmware or snapshot or replication..

    For backup, just use a job who copy remote file to local
    This is disaster recovery by me

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    Hi there,
    maybe you can give me advice regarding upgrading Espo. I have espo running in lxc container and want to upgrade with cli as recommended in the guidelines.
    So I activate maintenance mode an stop cron from running. Then go to console of the espo container, log in an try to run the upgrade command "php command.php upgrade" . But this "Could not open input file: command.php" is the response.
    What am I doing wrong?
    The last time I used the upggrade from ui method, but as it is not recommende I want to do it the right way.

    Thanks in advance for your help


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      what's is your espocrm Version ?
      the cli command must be run on "root" directory of espocrm installed path
      ps : i have never used lxc container.


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        I was in the wrong directory. After changing that, the update worked fine.

        Thanks for your input.

        Best regards