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  • Calculate Status option duration

    Hi everyone.

    Maybe you guys can help me. I need to calculate the duration (in days) of the option in the status field.

    Ex: how long did the case stayed in the Open Status, and then how long did it stay in the Waiting Status, and so on.

    In some cases, the process is not linear, so I can't calculate the difference between one status minus the previous one.

    I know it's a tricky one, would appreciate a lot your help.


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    how many status emun options ?

    create for each option a field type int readOnly = calculate

    create a job who increment each day the adequate field

    if (status=='new') ... $new = $new+1
    if (status == 'assigned') ... $assigned = $assigned+1
    if (status=='closed' ) ... $closed = $closed + 1;

    this can be done in Formula .. but need to "calculate one time per day !" .. it's better for me by jobs


    • espcrm
      espcrm commented
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      talles, basically you want to workflow it someway to run formula one time per day otherwise this not going to work.

    • talles.amadeu
      talles.amadeu commented
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      Yes you're right. I had to create a Scheduled workflow. I think it's working. I'm only gonna know in a few days Thanks a lot for all the help!

    • item
      item commented
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      Haa.. just see.. we can do scheduled workflows .. nice
      but .. in this kind, we need to loop over all record.. there is a function wo loop all record in workflows ?