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Espo Calendar: how to import local holiday calendar

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  • Espo Calendar: how to import local holiday calendar

    Espo Version: 6.0.8
    Advanced Pack 2.6.5

    Hello Espo Community!

    I am setting up a time management tool where users can schedule their activities.

    How can I get the local holiday calendar imported into the Espo calendar. Every user should be able to see the preset holidays.

    I know that there are local holiday calendars in Google Calendar. Is there a way to export them from Google and import them to Espo Calendar? Or are there other ways to get a local holiday calendar into the system?

    Thank you!

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    Nobody an idea?

    So maybe there is a second way to do it:

    If I want to set up all the local holidays manually: How do i manage to get them in the calendar and provide the "holiday view" for all team members. So for exemple like creating a task which can be seen by every user.

    Is that possible w/o creating a team and w/o assigning each user to this team?

    Thank you!


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      just brainstorming ! but this library seemt to be good begining

      worldwide holidays. Contribute to commenthol/date-holidays development by creating an account on GitHub.

      - create new entity type Event : Holliday
      - one job execute each month ? each quarter ? each year ? this is something you need to adapt to your environment
      - the job create a new event->holliday and relate all user (from specific region !?)..

      to brainstorm..

      For me the best is more complex, need User "occupation hours/day" .. if user work only 4h/monday.. why put all day holliday for that user. So the fundation will begin with user time work.

      This request will never "top" because entreprise use another system to track user timeline.. and $ for api.. and so..