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New User Questions: Search URL, Call Detail Log, Printing

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  • New User Questions: Search URL, Call Detail Log, Printing

    Brand new to EspCRM and been playing with it for a day or two. So far loving it and getting by the learning curve.
    Two things I am trying to do, both of which I am surprised I can’t find much on.

    1. Our phone system has the ability to launch a URL with certain information (ie: telephone number, caller ID name, etc) upon receipt of a call. While I’ve seen all the API endpoints for programmatically conducting searches and so on, is there a simple URL field that I could do https://mysite/EspoCRM/lookup?phone=1234567890 or the same with the caller ID name to (1) automatically give me a starting point for a new cold-call or (2) look up an existing cold call so I have all of my notes?

    2. In a view such as the ‘leads’, there is a call history, however to bring up the description/details, you have to go into each entry. The only way I see around this is to enter the call details in the stream, which means that two entries are created in the stream for each call. Is there a way to show the full call description/communication in the stream?

    3. We have a PDF ‘paper’ file, which we need to keep for regulatory purposes. Ideally, after we convert a lead to an opportunity/contact and then to a closed-opportunity or account, I’d like to save this data to our file so we have background on when the person called, what happened, and so on. To print that page in a browser, it has elements over the place (text boxes here and there, etc) and not a clean print view. Is there a way to get a concise view of the individual entry and all of its ‘stream’ communication history to save to our file?

    Thanks for any help as we navigate a whole new turf!

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    1 : you can develop .. but considere looking for VoIP Extension from espoCRM if compatible with your pbx.
    2 :
    3 : i have never print stream, certainly by code it's possible, you can define your template (it's a little pain work) .. after it's perfect. you can print all field a all related field.