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Preset Filter for Portal Users

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  • eduardofendrich
    Second link is broken. Which is the correct?

    Adding some questions...

    Is there a way to "fix" the [onlyMyTeam] boolean filter? My goal is prevent user from removing this filter.

    Is there a way to add "on the fly" filters? I.e, can I add users teams name as a boolean filter (each team a boolean filter)?

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  • gustavgraz
    Hi Eymen!

    I found the paths.

    I also found the related files in the custom entity

    Dont want to mess it up.

    I see the line "filter list" highlighted in case.json

    Not sure what to do.

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  • eymen-elkum
    Hello gustavgraz !

    Please check and follow these links, they are about the preset filters in case entity:

    Just be careful, and follow the exact convension.

    NOTE: this is not for Espo 7
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  • gustavgraz
    started a topic Preset Filter for Portal Users

    Preset Filter for Portal Users

    Espo Version: 6.0.8
    Advanced Pack 2.6.5


    You have a very nice feature, custom filter for searching in list view.
    I use it very much for status fields.

    My problem:
    I have many portal users who need this feature. Its not possible to make a tutorial for them how to configure a preset filter by themselves. They are customers and need a user friendly portal preset.

    Can you show me a way to preset certain filters (for exemple: status open, status closed), so they have it ready to use when portal role is assigned to them?

    Thank you!