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  • Mass import issue

    I have been trying to import 40,000 records into EspoCRM. I have a custom entity of the “person” type. There is first name, last name, address, and date of birth. When I try to mass import the 40,000 records only first name, last name, address is imported. The date of birth is not imported.

    Does anyone know how to fix this problem?

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    Hi there,
    1. Please check whether the `date of birth` column's name in the CSV file is appropriate to this column's name in a DB.
    2. On the `Import Step 2` check whether this the `date of birth` column is not `skipped`.
    3. Check an EspoCRM log file in the /data/logs/ directory. Probably the data type of the `date of birth` field in EspoCRM doesn't support the data type of the `date of birth` in the CSV file.


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      Hi there, it might also be the way your date is formatted (both as a file and during upload/import).

      My suggestion is to create a "template" contact inside EspoCRM, export it and have a look to see how the data look. Now try copy/paste or adding a 2nd (second) person in the CSV/excel sheet and see if you can successfully import that 2nd person with Date of Birth working.

      Personally date of birth got no issue for me when I imported mine (only about 200 entry though)