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Sales Pack Extension Test version on premise

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  • Sales Pack Extension Test version on premise

    We need to test and customize on premise the Sales Pack extension.
    We read on the agreement ( that :
    "Test Copy. You may make one (1) additional temporary test copy for the purpose of testing code, template and database modifications. Such a test copy must not be made available to the general public at any time."
    We need it for a customer that is evaluating the product.
    Please, could you help to understand how to install in our demo on premise?

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    Couldn't you just install it in your demo version and let them use with that version to test?

    Once they "OK Davide, we want it", you can buy a License/Copy for their copy (or get them to buy it), install it in their version once you do that.


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      The common questions about paid extenstions

      You can install two copies of a paid extension, one for production and one for the development server.
      It's not allowed to do a Demo for all your customers or website visitors.