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Currency Type field in the Report.

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  • Currency Type field in the Report.

    Hey, I am trying to get the currency type field in the report export.

    The currency type field is a field from the linked entity of the entity type of the report.
    For example,
    List type Report for Lead entity.
    Here is am trying to get the currency type field from the CreatedOpportunity of the Lead.
    But, I am not able to select that field from the Columns under the report view.

    I am able to add the currency type field in the Columns (multi-select) under the report edit mode. But still the report is not able to get the value of the currency field.
    I am not able to customize the Advanced Pack because everywhere the currency type field is excluded while export from the link type entity.

    Advanced Pack Version: 2.0.1
    Espocrm Version: 5.9.4

    Can anyone help me with this, so that the currency type field from the linked entity is exported in the report?
    Or which version of the Advanced pack will provide the solution for this problem?

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    Hi Anna,
    I've tried to reproduce on EspoCRM v.5.9.3 with Advanced Pack Version: 2.0.1. It seems that it works ok. Please take a look at the screenshot below.
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      Maximus Hey can you please create a custom field of type currency under the Opportunity and try again to export.

      Here the opportunity amount is the currency type field under Lead.
      But I want the Currency type field from Opportunity.
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        Hello Anna,
        I've investigated this issue. The currency type field of the related entity is not supported by Report. You can utilize the next workaround: create for Lead a new foreign type field and link it to a correspondent opportunity currency field. Note this workaround supports only 'converted' currency type filed. After this you will be able to select this field in the report.


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          Maximus Yes. But I have to create a foreign field which is converted. Then I can get the value in the report. Because the foreign field is of type varchar.

          Thank you soo much.

          It's better if we are able to get the related entity currency field in the report instead of creating a new foreign field. Is the latest Advanced pack and Espocrm is supporting that?


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            Hi Ananya K,
            No, the latest Advanced Pack is not supporting that. I don't know when it will be added.