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Workflow does not send E-Mail

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  • Workflow does not send E-Mail

    I created a workflow which is triggered by an record being created and immediately an email should be sent to the contact person of that opportunity, given that that opportunity stage is "prospecting". Though the workflow runs through as can be seen in the log, it does not send any email. There were no error messages and as far as I could tell the workflow ran smoothly.

    I have attached a screenshot of my workflow.

    I am using Espo version 5.9.4 and an extension advanced package 2.5.15

    Please let me know what needs to be changed for it to work.

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    Hi there,
    If the workflow has been triggered but the sending email action failed there are a few possible causes:
    1. CRON is disabled or not configured.
    - Check whether you configured CRON
    - Check whether your CRON is not disabled in the Administration -> Settings.
    2. You didn't configure the General Outbound SMTP configs in Administration -> Outbound Emails.
    3. Desired user doesn't have specified email address in his profile.

    Also, in order to get more info about the possible error I suggest you activate the DEBUG mode for an EspoCRM logger (, then reproduce this issue and investigate the log file (


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      I checked and CRON is not disabled and should be configured alright because earlier workflows do work and manually written and sent emails reach their destination without trouble, so the Outbound SMTP should also be fine.
      I do have the DEBUG active, but the log does not show any issues with the workflow.
      Do you have any other ideas of what the issue could be?

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    Does the workflow catch this event and starting the flow?
    Please open Administration -> Scheduled Jobs -> Jobs -> put the next request into the search line 'sendEmail' in order to find all processes like 'Worflow: sendEmail'. Check whether there are running process. If so, then remove them and try to reproduce the bug.


    • A.S.
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      Thank you for your reply.
      The workflow is started, but stuck in pending without sending the email.
      I deleted the running processes as per your suggestion and reproduced the bug. Everything has remained the same and the email still does not send.
      What can I do now?

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    I tried to reproduce but didn't face such issue. Perhaps your email template is malformed so it causing this issue. Could you provide your email template? The best way to do it is to open the email template code view ('</>' button in the template editor) and provide its code.

    Try to compose some test email via your General Outbound SMTP settings and check whether the email was successfully sent and it's received by a recipient.