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workaround for line break in foreign fields in list view

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  • workaround for line break in foreign fields in list view

    Advanced Pack 2.5.14
    EspoCRM Version 5.9.3


    I had troubles to get a nice readable list view with many link fields in it. My problem: link fields from foreign custom entities do not have a line break in the list view, no mater which kind of field you use in the foreign entity.

    See image 1
    Its difficult or impossible to read the content of the foreign fields in list view.

    So my workaround to get the line break in the list:

    See image 2:
    I created to each foreign field a textbox field with the same name in entity manager.

    See image 3:
    Formula to fetch the content of foreign field into textbox field.

    See image 4:
    Layout manager List view: Take out foreign field and put in textbox field with same name.

    My question:
    Is this workaround the way to go? I dont like the idea, to have so many additional fields in the entity. Only to be able to show the content of foreign field with line break.

    Is there a better way to do it - if you are not a developer?

    Does this workaround slow down the app, specially when it is growing with many records?

    Please give me feedback if there is a better way!

    Thank you!
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    I think, with that kind of partly quite long texts you may always have these type of problems. What about to use a kind of key for every type of text content, something like a number/letter combination, which in full text could be explained in something like the tooltip. I know, that by default there is no tooltip in list view, but I remember, that somewhere in this forum this problem has been resolved with a workaround.
    On the other hand for such a solution you would have to search for a possibility to show that in a printed list.

    Seems to be a bit of a problem.

    P.P. I saw, that it was you asking for a solution for tooltip in list view.
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      Hi gustavgraz ,

      I think you are looking for a "trim" function to cut the empty new lines <br> on the end of the field content, right?
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        Thank you both for your suggestions!

        @ shalmaxb
        Number/Letter Combination would not work in this case, unfortunately
        The printed list will be one of my next steps in this project. For sure there will be questions concerning building template. But here I need to have the line break in the column like in the last image.

        @ eymen
        No, not looking for a trim function. I am fine with the result of the list view as I showed it in the fourth image. I just dont know if it would slow down the performance of the app too much, using that many additional fields and formulas, just to get the line break running!