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Please help: use field content of entity 1 in entity 2 with dynamic logic

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  • Please help: use field content of entity 1 in entity 2 with dynamic logic


    I am new in EspoCRM using ADVANCED Pack, and would like to thank the developers of EspoCRM very much, you are doing a great job!

    Here my problem:
    I have set up some custom entities:

    Entity 1 is called "Dokumentenanhang":
    It has a text field "Dokumentenanhang" describing the category of documents
    and a boolean field "personal" to select if the category of documents is personal or not.

    Entity 2 is called "Anhänge":
    It has a Link field to entity "Projekte"
    It has a Link field to entity "Dokumentenanhang"
    It has a foreign field dokumentenanhang.personal
    It has a Link field to entity "Person"
    it has a file field "Datei" to upload files.

    In entity 2 I have to select the category of documents in the link field "Dokumentenanhang". This works fine.

    I would like to show the "Person" field only when the boolean field "personal" from Entity 1 is YES.

    I tried to set it up in Entity 2/Person/Dynamic Logic

    Bedingungen die ein Feld sichtbar machen / conditions to make a field viewable
    personal = YES

    I also tried it with
    personal ≠ 0

    it is possible to set up this dynamic logic, but I dont get the output in the form. The link field "person" does not show up. What am I doing wrong?

    Thank you for any kind of suggestions and sorry for my English!


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    Hi there,
    This logic is correct:
    personal = YES
    So if you change the 'personal' field in Dokumentenanhang, you need to refresh a webpage (if you don't have configured Websocket) to see the changes (to upload new metadata) in Anhänge. If 'personal' = true, then Person will show up.


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      Hi Maximus!

      Thank you so much for advice. Now I see that it works but:

      The field "Person" only shows up after saving the record.

      But this is to late, I need to select the person before saving the record. Is there a way to force showing up the field "Person" in the moment after selecting from the field "Dokumentenanhang"? A kind of intermediate-saving the record to trigger the dynamic logic?

      Thank you!


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        I see. There is no such ability to achieve it through UI. You need to code the dynamic hander for this


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          Thank you! Will work on that!