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Print different output for different team

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  • Print different output for different team

    Hello, I need help again. Although trying every idea, that comes to my head all day long, I did not find a solution yet.
    I would like to output some data from a record in PDF, but the output should differ, depending to what team the record is related (I have so far four teams). One should have the value A, if its met, the others at the same time the value B.
    I tried with IfThenElse, but it does not work. It seems, that also using an operator as
    {{If team == a}} {{output Text A}} {{else}} {{output text B}}
    .does not work.

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    See if your "team" ID show different for different team when you do a print. Just the basic formula, such as

    {{teamID}} <-- please write correct field name.

    If it different then we can work out a formula may work, if it the same then you need to use some other field.


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      I believe you should check this


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        Actually I managed to solve it with the isEqual statement. Did so many things the last weeks, that I did not remeber correctly. With ifEqual it worked as desired.
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