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"Monitored Folders" in IMAP configuration

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  • "Monitored Folders" in IMAP configuration

    I have managed to configure the company's emails within EspoCRM, it works well, emails can be sent and received.
    But I have a slight detail.
    I realized that there is a section that I cannot leave blank, it is called "Monitored Folders" which by default says "INBOX".
    There are some email accounts of my colleagues that have created too many folders, and EspoCRM only supports approximately 150 characters in that field, and it doesn't let me write any more, therefore, the folders that I didn't manage to put, I can't see them inside anymore from EspoCRM.
    For example, I have something like this:
    INBOX, FolderA, FolderB, FolderC, FolderD, FolderE, FolderF / Folder1, FolderF / Folder2, FolderF / Folder3, FolderF / Folder4, FolderF / Folder5
    Which being many folders, lowers the EspoCRM limit and no longer lets me put all the folders.
    Is there a shorter way to write for EspoCRM to sync all folders?

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    By default, this field supports 255 characters. Follow the next steps to change its max size:
    1. Create the file:
    If you need to customize Personal Email Account: /custom/Espo/Custom/Resources/metadata/entityDefs/EmailAccount.json
    If you need to customize Group Email Account: /custom/Espo/Custom/Resources/metadata/entityDefs/InboundEmail.json
    2. Add this code to the file:
        "fields": {
            "monitoredFolders": {
                "maxLength": 300
    3. Do Administration -> Rebuild

    This will increase its max size from 255 to 300.