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  • Attachments on Email

    I wanted to ask if there is a possibility to attach either the attachments or some kind of a download link from the record to a report (excel or body of the email)?

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    Hi Mark,
    No, there is no such ability. You cannot do something like this via UI. You need to change a system code. It is a quite tricky task.


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      Is it possible then to have a link of the download in either the table that is in the body of the email or the excel? Because the "File" field type has a downloadable link in the excel file, however, the "Attachement Multiple" does not. And I need to use the "Attachement Multiple" field, because the files are attached to the record directly from an email attachment and the attachment field on the email entity is "Attachement Multiple".


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        Mark, sorry for the delayed reply. All these features are needed to be developed. You may try to post the developer help request in another branch of the forum. Hope someone is mighty to help you.


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          I do not know, if it works in Report as I do not have the advanced pack, but it was easy to integrate in print to PDF. What I did:

          create an URL custom field
          implied, that your downloadable file is in your documents folder, go there and copy the link adress
          put the link adress into the recently created URL field
          create a print to PDF template and insert this link field
          go to the list view of the record, check the checkmark field and choose in the above action list "print to PDF"
          choose the PDF template created before
          the link should appear and executes the download of the file