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Version 6 changes, refactoring question

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  • Version 6 changes, refactoring question

    Due to the large code refactoring in version 6, what changes need to be made in the customization for the transition?

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    I think it might be bit too early to tell. From another thread there was promised of "backward compatibility as best as we can" so I don't think anything will break but who know.

    Best to follow this section:

    Currently only these two is "planned" (don't know what it mean though:
    • Less coupling
    • Utilizing new DI
    But I'm hoping for a new "development blood" (user) arriving when v6 while maturing.


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      There is a lot of changes in API of classes. In most cases manual customizations will be backward compatible. There will be beta version for 6.0 where you will be able to test your customizations.

      Unfortunately, I'm not able to document all changes, it would be very hard for me. In the future we are going to have a backend API documentation, so it will be easier to track changes.


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        i have see many commit by Yuri about : Di ... what's is Di ?
        in belgium, it's a store who sell many thinks for women or home


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        yurikuzn Just a typo here: "There are wo types of classes, that utilize dependency injection."
        Should be "There are two"

        --- EDIT: I create a new Github account.
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          yurikuzn commented
          Editing a comment
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        yurikuzn Confirm my Github account don't work properly.
        But it fine, you fixed up the "two" already.