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Roles not working for itemLists

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  • Roles not working for itemLists

    I want to limit access for users, so they would not be able to edit quoteItems after they are created, however it is not working for the "List (Item)" view Basically, you are not able to edit fields from all of the views except the "List (Item)" view, which is in the quote. And the conditionals for fields are also not working for the fields that are displayed in the itemList (however, it works if the field is read-only by default, but then you cant enter anything in it so that doesnt work in this situation)., I tried to make it so the fields would be editable only if a certain field is checked, which it is by default. And after creation of a record a workflow unchecks that field, making the fields read only , but as I said before it works for all of the views except the "List (Item)", which is pretty much the only one I need. And I also need to give access to a couple of quote fields, so I cant make the whole quote read only as well
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    Hi Mark,
    As far as I know, there is no such an ability to set Role for the Item List.


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      Is there any other ways to limit the access to the fields. I mean the way that I described above "after creation of a record a workflow unchecks that field, making the fields read only" would be fine if it worked properly. Do you maybe know any possible solutions to this problem?


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        I believe you have to write a custom dynamic handler Perhaps telecastg may help you to solve this.


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          Thanks for the vote of confidence Maximus

          I am not familiar with the sales pack Mark so I can't give you an example for the quote entity but perhaps you can adapt this tutorial to your situation.

          If you manage to do it, please return the favor by posting the solution in this forum so other users can benefit too.

          Best wishes