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  • Espocrm Document Uploading Thread


    I have need some clarifications based on the crm Document Solution.
    1. One I upload a document, where is the actual file location for that file in the server ?
    2. If the system convert actual file (.jpg or .pdf) to a different format, what is that type and the location ?
    3. For an example if I upload a image or pdf with let say 5MB, is the system resizes the file or not ?
    4. If resizes, what is the mechanism ?
    5. Is the file encrypted ?
    Appreciate your feedback on above concerns.

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    Don't take my word with 100%, I'm writing on top of my head.

    1. \data\upload
    2. I think file extension get remove, file name get converted into an Hash of some type. And some SQL data record the original name+extension.
    3. Don't think so, never seen any file with filesize.
    4. What resizes? You want to resize the files? That need to be done offline and reupload. Not unless you manage to resize through your server, not you will also need to link that new file again to Espo.
    5. Nope, not encrypted. You can test by download the file in Question 1. and Open it or rename it. There is a thread about encryption but it never happen.


    • eymen-elkum
      eymen-elkum commented
      Editing a comment
      I confirm these information
      No encryption no resize no convert, only mapping the names to hashes, for images thumbnails espocrm will generate separate file for every thumbnail in this path:

      \data\upload \thumbs

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    Thanks espcrm & eymen-elkum for the given information. I have also checked in the system and found the same as you mentioned.

    Lets see in future development to have a mechanism to manage documents.


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      At this stage I just want an "Mass Upload" feature. It quite an hassle having to upload one by one.