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Automatic following Tasks (not Global)

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  • Automatic following Tasks (not Global)

    Hi, when I create new Task and put follow Team, it doesn't automatic follow at user althought I mark at Preferences of Individual Users of Team, only works If I put Global but I don't want this bcs then User follows al the Task.
    I attached print screen. Click image for larger version

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    Hi jarmito, not sure if it related to this bug that recent has been fixed.


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      Hi, this bug is fixed at version 5.9.3??? I go to download area but last in web site is 5.9.2 ¿¿??? my custom has 5.8..5


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        It not release yet, it is a Bug tracker. You can try manually patching it if you want but considering you are still using v5.8.5, manual patch may not work as plan. Best to update the system to 5.9.2 and manual patch it if you are "CANNOT WAIT!!!", else wait for 5.9.3 to be release then update to that.

        Also I'm not sure if it fixed, you have to find out if it the same bug, if it isn't the same bug then you need to make a report from it. You can try reproducing it on the demo server: and see if it a bug or not.


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          Hi, I have updated my Espo Custom to version 5.9.3 but It doesn't follow Task automatically when I create Task and assign it to Team. Users of the Team has preferences following automatically Task


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            Some new about this fix issue???


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              Hi jarmito1971,

              As far as I know, there is no such an ability that you are talking about.
              You can achieve this with Workflow (please see screenshot).
              In case you don't have Advanced Pack, you can try to create a hook

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