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Emails visible when the user has not anymore the right to access them

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  • Emails visible when the user has not anymore the right to access them

    I created a new user and assigned him a wrong role that gave the permit to see the emails of all.
    After I realized the problem, I changed the role to block the access to email accounts that are not related to users of the same team.
    However, the emails received after the change are still there, and the user can see them.

    Is it normal? Is it possible to delete all the messages that are not in accounts that the user can see?
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    I suppose that would fall under bugs if that is the case.

    Unfortunately I can't really try test it on the Demo server because it demo mode and my server don't have any for testing this feature.


    Not sure if this 'workaround' is advisable:
    Not sure if deleting the user account and create a new one with same name will 'fix' this issue and whether the username is linked back after recreating.
    Removing the Email while you logged in this User might remove it for everyone, so best to test it before you try it.


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      Hi Nicola,
      Could you clarify, is this user in a team and the user and the team have assigned roles? The user has the role with the restricted permissions to view emails, but the role that assigned to the team has permission to view all emails? Right? If so, that it is ok, because the team's and the user's roles, in this case, are merging so that permissive rule has a higher priority.