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Hirerachy list field in another entity

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  • Hirerachy list field in another entity

    The Account entity has industry field and is possible use in another like Lead. I would like to know how create these kind of fields.

    I see the file /client/modules/crm/src/views/lead/fields/industry.js but I don't know how use it in another entity or create another field list and use in more than one entity.

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    I don't think a Foreign field will work here. I also don't think we can do a "Share list" field either, there is a few extension where it is made possible.

    If you just want another Industry field in Lead (or similar to Industry field).
    Just go to

    Admin > Entity Manager > Lead (click Field) > add fields > Enum > Fill in the details and save.

    The industry is just a E-num field. Here is some extra info for you using the demo version.

    Click "Add Field" from there.

    And this is the Industry (default field) in Account:

    The difference between Enum and Multi-enum? Enum you can only select 1 option. Multi-enum you can select multiple. For example something I would do here:

    Category (Enum): Food & Beverage
    Secondary Category (multi-enum): Restaurant, Pub, Bar

    or keep it simple:

    Category (Enum): Food & Beverage
    Secondary Category (Enum): Restaurant


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      Thank, but if you see, Accoun industry field has data in options and Lead hasn't, but when you create a Lead, industry filed has data. I would like to know how to make it.


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        Would just be a guess but if you modify the Industry in Account, the Lead will use the same list. Be sure to the clear cache, rebuild and refresh your website.


        • criffoh
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          I understand, thanks. But, how colud be make it for another entities?

        • espcrm
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          That you would have to dig into the coding for. Sadly I don't know how to do it. I know the free Real Estate extensions also do it for Property Type, perhaps looking through these file might be easier than looking through EspoCRM.