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Data transfer from other CRM solutions

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  • Data transfer from other CRM solutions

    Hi there,
    I own a small company selling stationery and recently we've decided to switch from our old Odoo CRM solution to some new system. We've tested Insightly, Yetiforce, Bitrix24, Nutshell, Creatio CRMs, but none of them satisfied our requests completely. Eventually, after trying EspoCRM, we all agreed on moving our business to this platform. The CRM can boast an excellent quality/price ratio, it's very functional and customizable.
    Anyway, everything was fine until it came to data transfer. As we've used multiple systems simultaneously, today we've got a lot of data snippets scattered over the various platforms. Is there any information on how to migrate data (contacts & leads) from the mentioned systems to EspoCRM? I'm not a tech-savvy person, any info will be very helpful indeed.

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    Transferring data from other sources may be a really confusing thing. My piece of advice for you is not to skip checking duplicates when importing data in Espo, or otherwise you'll end up with a messy and unstructured database.
    Anyway, if you're in need of constructive and helpful guidance, the following links will really come in handy:


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      In addition to roma valuable suggestion I suggest you to add custom field to the target entity, from type "Enum" or Varchar
      And then you give it different value for every import

      For example the field may has name "Source Platform" and may has values like ODOO List 1, ODOO list 2 or what ever

      So later you can fiter these imported records
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