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email struggles... now why cant users see their personal email?

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  • email struggles... now why cant users see their personal email?

    I'm struggling to understand the email system in espo. Following the documentation left more questions than answers...

    I have several users in espo created with their company emails listed in their user accounts. I also have these email addresses configured under Administration>Email>Personal Email Accounts. the accounts work (for the most part) but some users can't see their accounts under preferences. Some can... and funnily enough, there are two admins of the system, I can see ALL the personal accounts, but the other admin can only see her own account?!?

    the only pattern I can see is the personal accounts were configured before some of the user accounts were created... but I have NO idea why the other admin cant see any personal email accounts... I don't have time or energy to delete all the personal email accounts and re-create them if this is the cause, is there a clean way to link these accounts and users?

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    Never mind. I'm a spoon. it was the assigned user field. that said, the other admin still cant see any accounts not assigned to her under "Administration>Email>Personal Email Accounts"


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      Yes, I had the same issue too.

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    *sigh* I'm not having a good day... we cleared cache and refreshed. she's good now.