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  • Salesforce import help...

    I'm working on importing my companies data from a Salesforce export and I'm struggling to understand some of the data conversions...

    As my current problem, I'm attempting to import our opportunities. SF exported the opportunities as several csv files: Opportunity.csv, OpportunityCompetitor.csv, OpportunityContactRole.csv, OpportunityHistory.csv, OpportunityLineItem.csv, and OpportunityOverride.csv. I THINK the only files I need are Opportunity (containing the actual opportunities), OpportunityHistory (containing the historical data of the opportunity) and OpportunityLineItem... Opportunity was easiest and imported fine. The problem is the other two. each of the other two have OpportunityID columns which lines up with the ID field in Opportunity.csv... however, each ID is a separate part of the parent ID with their own IDs... how do I import these? I don't have a parent ID option to specify each line is a separate entry into the parent ID... so how do I properly import these sub item IDs?

    Okay, in digging around I think I know what data I need to update, but I'm not seeing how.
    In opportunities I have a "products" field, inside that is the products list that links to different product IDs with two additional editable fields for quantity and price. so in all I have product (ID), quantity, and price to pull from the csv. the trouble is I don't have anything in the import fields that co-relate to those fields. I assume I'm either importing to the wrong thing (and the right thing is simply not available needing a change on the back-end to make that import available?) or I need a new entity for that? I'm not sure what I need here...
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    I'm not sure if it helps, but you can find some tips on exporting your contact data from Salesforce and importing it into EspoCRM via this link -


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      Cool article, never noticed.

      Just a side note, you will need to imported it by a hierarchy level system. For example if you link Contacts to Account. Then you should be importing account first, I don't think the Import will be able to Create an Account for your Contacts.

      Secondly, you may need to have a unique ID for Contact and Account (and any other field) that you can do a re-import to do an update. I suppose a few test run with a small amount of data to see if everything is working as expected before you do a mass import.

      Alternatively if you have the money, you can use the Pie sync service. Never used it so I don't know how good they are.

      Good luck and welcome to EspoCRM.