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    Please am having challenges using the formula, I intend adding to fields in the account interface, pls how can I go about it?

    Thanks for your support

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    Hi Emma,
    please describe what's a logic you are trying to build with Formula?
    Basically, if you want to add some value to a field you can utilize the assignment sign '=' (e.g. name = 'Emma').
    List of the available attributes of the Account entity or the available functions you may get from the right side menu (see screenshot).
    Note, some functions may not be in the list. Full list of the functions and more info about Formula you can read here
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      Originally posted by Maximus View Post
      Wow that is one long and interesting formula you got there.

      Back to topic at hand, yes, please describe what you want to do. If you just want to play and start seeing how it function, use the demo version before using your version and if it break you be fine:
      But feel free to use your version for it. As for Formula basic, read Maximus link or a more fancy version here:

      Here is how I started using Formula:

      If you search for the word: Formula in this topic there is a few other thread that we discuss about Formula:


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        Thanks very much for the response