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Conditionnal Linking entities

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  • Conditionnal Linking entities

    Hi all,

    first of all I'm not a english native speaker so I may not be very good at explaining my case.... let's try !

    I'm currently configuring an ESPO for a non profit organisation.

    In the modelization I'ld like to have a central entity : "Beneficiaires" and a classic "Contact" entity, relating to the first one.

    It's a Many-to-Many model as many Beneficiaries can have a common Contact and a single Contact can relate to several Beneficiaries.

    My problem is that I would like the Contact to be specific such as "mother", "care taker" or "neighbour".

    Is their a way to specify the relation between the Beneficiaries and their contact so that people in charge will get in touch with the good person for a specific purpose ?

    Of course, a signle contact may have several status ("mother", "care taker" or "neighbour") : as a Contact you can be the 3 statuts for 1 or more different Beneficiaries.

    I'm I clear enough ? do I need to specify more ?


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    Hi Vincent,

    This is called relationship roles in EspoCRM. It's possible to do but needs some modifications in files. Unfortunately, it's not documented yet. It might be a little bit tricky to do but possible.

    You can take the existing Opportunity-Contact relationship as an example.

    See fields and link with name "contacts" in