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Trying to use Call Activity of a Sub-Process

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  • Trying to use Call Activity of a Sub-Process

    Probably, I don't fully understand how the Sub-Processes work.

    According to the documentation in the Call Activity:

    "Executes a sub-process defined by a flowchart stored separately. Provides the ability to re-use the same flowchart in different processes."

    And in the sub-processes it says:

    "When a sub-process is initiated, all formula variables are copied from the parent process to the sub-process. Variables of the sub-process are isolated from its parent process. You can specify which variables will be copied to the parent process upon the completion in Return Variables parameter”.

    I have defined a process called "Test 01 Test Calling Sub-Process". This process just:
    1.- defines a variable called $prSubProcess with a null value.
    2.- Then it calls the sub-process and asks for that variable to be returned from the sub-process.
    3.- Then it waits for the variable $prSubProcess to take the value "Done" before continuing.

    In the subprocess "Test 02 This is the Sub Process" the only thing you do is assign the value "Done" to the variable $prSubProcess.

    If I have understood at the end of the subprocess, the value of those variables will be returned to the main process. The subprocess was fully finished

    But, as you can see, the main process does not end. It seems that the variable $prSubProcess does not take the value "Done" in the main proces

    What mistakes did I?

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    Variable to return should be specified without '$'.


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      Tested and worked perfect. Thank you very much