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Introduction of a new CRM system

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  • Introduction of a new CRM system

    we are looking for a CRM to include it into our marketing process.
    I've already taken a look at EspoCrm and its advanced package with the workflow process and I like it.
    But before I dive to deep into EspoCrm, I would like to ask the following questions to know if its in general possible to automatize the following process:

    We have a customer base with several attributes for each customer like city, type of product, segment and so on.
    It should be possible for the manager to choose the correct customers according to the attributes (e.g. all customer from city x and type y of product) and assign this customers to a marketing process.

    The marketing process in short should look like:
    1. User gets a notification call customer x
    2. User is being asked how the call was and the user can choose from several categories (no interest, slight interest, wrong number, ....)
    3. The logic behind what happens afterwards is in the program

    So in short:
    Defining the customer range -> putting them into a process -> user gives a response in a pre defined way to the task he performed -> the process goes on

    The above described process, is it possible to implement it with EspoCrm?
    If the answer can be answered with yes, where should I start ?

    Thank you!

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    Hi Zaiga,
    Well, for example, you can create a report to get a list of the customers based on some criteria. Then create a scheduled workflow based on this report that will have an Action 'Create related record -> Call'. So each new Call will be linked to the corresponded customer. Also in the same workflow Action, you can set parameters for new Call records as Date Start, Date End and assigned user (manager in your case). Also, don't forget to create a new Enum type field for the Call entity with demanded options: no interest, slight interest, wrong number, .... and add this field to layout. If everything set properly, then the assigned user should receive a system notifications about an assignment to Call.


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      Thank you Maximus for the answer. I tried it and it worked partly for me.
      What I still don't understand is:
      I am a bit struggling with the understanding which action triggers which result.
      After the report is created? or updated? -> the scheduled workflow starts to work once?.

      Would it be possible to implement the following:
      Pre-defined reports -> User "Edits" or "Refreshes" the report -> workflow is triggered just once after this action.

      The idea is to make it for the user as easy as possible to trigger the changed/unchanged report to be "put" into the workflow once. (so the user doesn't need to edit the workflow)
      So either the User wants to let one of the reports go through the workflow unchanged or he would like to add or change some criteria?


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        After the record is created - means that Workflow will be executed upon new record creation only.
        After the record is updated - means that Workflow will be executed upon record update.
        scheduled workflow - starts once a day according to its schedule.

        So if you will put the trigger for the workflow 'After record updated' the workflow will run once for the updated record. But any other update action will fire the workflow again.