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Office 365 as SMTP server??

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  • Office 365 as SMTP server??

    I have searched the forums but do not appear to be able to locate a solution.
    We have recently changed to Office365 for email.
    Have easily set up IMAP access and mails are syncing fine.
    Our issue is with the SMTP server.
    Setting are, port 587
    The error we get is as follows:
    Error 500: Could not open socket: stream_socket_client(): unable to connect to tcp:// (Connection refused)
    however I can telnet to the server with no issue

    All mails being sent from EspoCRM are going to spam so we would like to be able to send via our Office365 account server in the hope that it may remedy this.
    We are running 5.7.11
    What have I done wrong? Any assistance would be most appreciated.

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    I have tested it and it works w/o problems. Please provide a screenshot with your SMTP configs.


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      Sure - attached
      It does not appear to work with any settings nor with any of our domains that use office 365.


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        I noticed you have some special email address. Does it somehow link to Outlook? I mean perhaps you need to allow SMTP connection for this account on Outlook side.


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          It is our Office 365 account - it has many email addresses.
          All permission are set to enable. Unsure what else I can change??


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            Setting look good, I don't see any issue (aside from a small chance of incorrect password).

            Is your POP working (ie. can you receive email in EspoCRM?).

            I would suggest to use a non SSL STMP as test (so use Port 25) so if that is working, if it is then it might be a Certificate issue. Then try SSL (who know, it might also work).

            Also try using F12 console in your browser, see if there more to that "error connection" message.


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              OK - Console reveals the attached. We are unable to get it working for office 365 on any of our domains (we have 9), gmail or outlook.

              The error appears to be thrown in jquery-2.1.4.min.js
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                Hello - not wanting to annoy you but do you have any suggestions as to why this might be occurring? I can successfully connect to the SMTP server that matches the email address domain, but not if it is a different name.

                Example: I can successfully connect to using smtp auth credentials, but not office365?

                We have no issues connecting to the server via IMAP and receiving mail via - it is just trying to send mailing. Any suggestions would be most appreciated.


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                  Hi everybody
                  Here is how you solve this issue. You need access to WHM.

                  This article explains the issue and how to fix it.


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                    Link does not work

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                    Work for me... did you open link or copy/paste? Here a copy-able version:


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                  strange, now it works (the link as well clicked or copied)