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Difference in Script task and Task in BPM

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  • Difference in Script task and Task in BPM


    I'm not sure what the differences are between a Script Task and a Task in BPM.
    Task has different options. You can update the Target record or create or update related records and so on.

    It's clear that in a script you can't update anything in the database. You can only calculate.

    I have been using Task and inside it the Update target record option every time I needed to do calculations even if I did not update anything in the database.

    I have been recommended to use Task Script instead.

    When I went to replace the Task with Script Task, I saw that the code contains instructions with this form.

    $someField = FieldInTheDataBase;

    Although I don't update the database, I use in the calculations often fields from the database.

    And my doubt is, inside a task script
    Can I use references to database fields like that example?
    Can be used other fields from related different entities like in entity.field?
    Can I use all the formulas that retrieve information from the database, for example record\findOne?

    Thank you very much.

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    You can use Script Task for updating the target record, but the more proper way is to use Task > Update Target Record.

    You can't update related records in Script Task. Use Task > Update Related Record.

    You can use formula that accesses the database.


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      Thanks for your fast response