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  • Bulk add to fields

    Hi, I really hope this is possible. I need to add a bulk list of industry types. There's just too many to do one at a time. Is there a way to add either via ftp to the source file or via an import to mysql. I have several hundred to add so really need to be able to do this. Many thanks for any help or ideas.

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    In this file:


        "fields": {
             "industry": {
                  "options": [
    Need to clear cache after changes.


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      Ok this is what I've created, I've added to the folder as per the file type, cleared the cache and nothing has changed, I've tried deleting the original options first via entity then adding but sadly no luck - any suggestions why it wont work please - getting a bit frustrated. The only thing I can see different is the items are all the way to the left and not under the "n" of options like in your example. Many thanks for your help - I do appreciate it

      "fields": {
      "industry": {
      "options": [
      "Abortion Advice",
      "Abrasive Products - Manufacturers & Distributors",
      "Abrasive Products - Wholesalers",
      "Access Consultants",
      "Access Control Systems",
      "Accounting & Bookkeeping Services",
      "Acoustic Consultants",
      "Acoustic Engineers",
      "Acupuncture Practitioners",
      "Addiction Rehabilitation & Treatment",
      "Adhesive Tapes",
      "Adhesives, Glues & Sealants",
      "Adoption & Fostering",
      "Adult Education Centres",
      "Advert Composition Service Non Classified",
      "Advertising - Agencies",
      "Advertising - Directories",
      "Advertising - Media",
      "Advertising - Outdoor",
      "Advertising Services",
      "Aeronautical Instrument Makers",
      "After School Care",
      "Agricultural Buildings",
      "Agricultural Contractors",
      "Agricultural Engineers",
      "Agricultural Machinery - Sales & Service",
      "Agricultural Merchants",
      "Agricultural Services",
      "Agricultural Vehicles",
      "Air Compressors",
      "Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Contractors",
      "Air Conditioning Consultants",
      "Air Conditioning Equipment & Systems",
      "Air Purification Equipment",
      "X-Ray Services",
      "Yacht Brokers",
      "Yarn Supplies",
      "Youth Hostels",
      "Youth Organisations & Centres",


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        Looks correct. Check data/log. Maybe json format error is logged.

        This file "custom/Espo/Custom/Resources/metadata/entityDefs/Account.json" should have already existed if you ever edited the field via Entity Manager before. The fact you had to create it could mean that you did something wrong.


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          Hi again - thanks for your help so far. OK I've managed to get it to work to a point however is it possible there is a maximum quantity of types that can be entered? I've removed pretty much all the characters I can within the industry description only one I have left is & symbol as I thought this may be where the problem was.


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            > is it possible there is a maximum quantity of types that can be entered

            There is no such a limitation.


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              Can you believe one of the words in the list had this character - è - the accent on the e causing the problem. Took me going through by adding the items bit by bit to get down to that, well you live and learn not to rely on someone else's data! Thank you so much for your help I really appreciate it!!!


              • espcrm
                espcrm commented
                Editing a comment
                Good pick up. You should report that as a bug then.

                Based on your list I don't see the è accent.

                I like how you use this type of style:

                "Advertising - Agencies",
                "Advertising - Directories",

                Rather than
                Type: Advertising
                Subtype: Agencies

                Which is what we using at the moment, that double more entry which sometime is good and bad.