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Fetch emails SINCE does not work?

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  • Fetch emails SINCE does not work?

    I have an emailaddress bill-crm@ (this is an imap box for the espocrm where I receive all emails from bill@), this was for testing the epocrm, and all worked fine, now I changed the settings of this personal email account to bill@ and I edited FETCH EMAILS SINCE to TODAY as I do not want to have the same emails twice...

    The CRM is at this moment downloading all!! emails from the past, so even from before using espocrm and before the FETCH SINCE date from the old account....

    ANy thoughts on this, as I have to do the email accounts from all other users also...

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    Could be a limitation of IMAP server.

    Emails shouldn't be imported twice. There is a check for duplicates by message-id. Although there was a bug for some time that message id was imported not correctly.


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      Thank you for your reply... You are right, but these emails are double because they come from 2 emailaccounts: and I wanted to resolve this with the FETCH SINCE TODAY, but old emails are also imported...