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Investigation how speed EspoCRM

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  • Investigation how speed EspoCRM

    it's just my 2 cents discover... Yuri can correct me if i am bad.

    I know, recently ... a field where added or modified .. "createdAt"..
    then I see my custom entity created before this changement .. have this field but this field is not a "index".
    after search and so .. see print-screen of a tools ( : nice tools but expansive for me) .. my conclusion is :
    by modifying entityDefs and add in my custom entity in "indexes":

    PHP Code:
    "createdAt": {
    "columns": ["createdAt""deleted"]
    the list view is more fast.. see print-screen

    If I am bad, Yuri can correct me.

    PS : I don't use cache in this sample


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    Proper indexes should give a huge performance improvement. We need to document it. I suspect that the request with the index took so long (2s is a lot) because of COUNT query. It takes a lot of resources. You can disable total count calculation at Administration > Entity Manager > edit entity.


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      Thanks Yuri,

      for 2sec, don't worry ... we have a problem with the VPS.

      on my private vps :
      - 10sec for SCRUD operations over 4 tables => 10sec for 1000 records
      on these VPS :
      - 4 minutes for same SCRUD .. imagine each month 150000 record.. we have time for drink many coffee
      The provider of the VPS investigate this, it's why have been installed. I suspect HDD and not SSD but no other info.
      As you can see, we have a problem with sql on all CRUD request

      still need to update php from 7.2.x to 7.3.x and MariaDb too.

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        after change VPS to a new server with SSD :

        speed increase for 10000records SCRUD operation over 5 tables : 43minutes to 5 minutes.
        and tuning mysql/mariaDB config so :

        old vps was SAS drive.