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Optimizing server to work as fast as trail server.. any advice ?

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  • Optimizing server to work as fast as trail server.. any advice ?

    When working on the trail server the response is very smooth and fast - i dont get any issues at all, however when running from my own server there is a substantial delay - and i seem to be getting errors here and there - is there something im doing wrong with the configurations - i follow the documentation for php/cron/.httpaccess configurations and running from a server with 1G of memory that otherwise is always fast to react...

    any advice on how to optimize this ?

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    1Gb of memory is really not enough for the server. There are no such requirements of what RAM, CPU, etc. you should use. It depends on how the system is used, how many users, how much data.


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      What are the recommended specs for 100k Leads volume ?


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        Thank you Maximus - i understand that the heavier the system the requirements would go up - but is there anyway to figure out what requirements would fit for the usage - i mean, i use a vps with 1G of mem to run websites and other services using phyton - all run together and i never had issues with memory allowance - even lavral type of application only requires about 512M of memory --> just need to figure out what server i should buy to make it work in an optimal and cost-effective way (from your experience of course)